Digital Branding Solutions

We provides branding advertising solution for the clients in desktop, laptop and mobile devices. We will base on the KPI of their advertising campaigns, suggesting the best solution in terms of the creative approach, and also for the targeting strategy etc.

PMP Deal or Managed Service?

Your choice!

PMP Deal

• Full control
• Custom creative design
• Transparent sitelist
• Available for all major DSPs
• 1st party data activation
• Competitive floor price
• Standard reports

Managed Service

• Premium Inventory
• Brand-safe & cookie-less environments
• Easy to activate
• Custom creative design
• No need to set up deal with individual publisher
• Efficient Communication
• Custom reports

Why Ingenium?


One cost covers all, creative production and ad serving of your campaign is completely free of charge

Maximize Creative Capability

Custom creative designed and produced in Ingenium's in-house studio, we transform your existing campaign assets into a brilliant made for mobile creative, under short turnaround times

Scalable Inventory

Our team leverages direct relationship with suppliers to unlock extra reach across different ad formats to retain scale in brand-safe and cookie-less environments

Maximize Performance

Powered by machine learning and analytics, Ingenium's proprietary technology optimize campaign performance in real time to track inventory and improve efficiency

Reaching Out the Right Audience

Your ad is connected to a highly valuable audience and content or an experience that’s important to your consumers. Our premium inventory are brand-safe, high-reach sites and surrounded by high-quality environment.

Talk to us about your creative needs

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